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Alert Messages

Beauter can add various types of alert messages which are dynamic. Click on the "x" symbol to close the alert message.


Using modifiers like _primary, _success, _shadow, _box etc will further shape and alter the design of the alert boxes. Learn more here.


The static alert boxes

A simple static fixed alert box.
<div class="alert">
A simple static fixed alert box.

Dynamic Alert Boxes

× Woah! A dynamic alert box with close button.
<div class="alert _warning _shadow _box">
  <span class="-close">×</span>
  <strong>Woah!</strong> A dynamic alert box with close button.

Script to manage every alert on a page

var close = document.getElementsByClassName("-close");
var i;
for (i = 0; i < close.length; i++) {
    close[i].onclick = function(){
        var div = this.parentElement; = "0";       
        setTimeout(function(){ = "none"; }, 600);


Counters can be used to show numerical counts like number of notifications etc.

<span class="count">3</span>


  • New 'Examples' section coming with wonderful tutorials!
  • Adding animations and transitions effects soon.
  • 0.3 development started. Join us here.

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